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Gears of War 4 sur Xbox One comporte 164 succès pour 4000 points de Gamerscore
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Succès Tueur pro de Gears of War 4 sur Xbox One
Tueur pro
Tuez 5 000 adversaires en mode Bataille public à compter de mars 2018.
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débloqué le 13-12-01
écrit le 29-03-18

voici une soluce pour les personnes qui ne savent pas jouer en partie multi.


Just like Seriously ... in Gears of War (10,000 kills), you will get this naturally over time, but how quickly you get it depends how good you are. If you get 10 kills per match, it will take 500 matches, but if you can get 50 kills it will only be 100 matches.

You can form a team of five and take over a Co-op versus AI - King of the Hill match. Four players can hang around the outside of the ring and down enemies with the Lancer, while you finish them with the Gnasher. If there is a turret on the map you may prefer using that. When you hit an agreed amount of kills, you can swap around. The match will end after 20 minutes.

You can check your progress towards the 5,000 kills from the achievement tracker, eg 20% = 1000 kills.

Escalation Spawn Kill Boosting © HolyHalfDead

This is by far the fastest method of getting 5,000 kills, and can even be done in a single match!

Get two teams of five together (can be second accounts, up to 2 per Xbox/PC) and search for Competitive - Escalation. I got matched with our other team in 5 seconds every time, but it helps if you know a couple of people on dead servers, such as Asia (including Australia + New Zealand).

Once the match starts, 4 people on one team can leave. The person getting the kills can then kill the other team at their spawn. Escalation only has one spawn, and on round 1 the other team will spawn in as fast as you can kill them. There is no round or match time limit. Chainsawing with the Lancer works well as you don’t have to reload, and it detects spawn protection, just try to do it in the back so you don’t trigger a duel. As long as you kill them quickly enough they will not get kicked for idling. In the first hour I got 666 kills, and I got my remaining 4,242 kills in one round.

Alternatively nobody leaves on either team and a person from each team spawn kills the remaining 4 people. It is only slightly slower but the advantage is that two people can be getting kills at the same time. credit to vzr326

If you are creating a session then it is best to pick a time when the other players are sleeping and don't need their Xboxes/PCs. You can then swap over the next day while you sleep. Or you can take it in turns during the sesson.


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